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Hier gelangen Sie zur deutschen Seite is an one-in-all place for all people with the last name Geelhaar or who are related to persons with this name. Within the last centuries the spelling of this name often changed. Therefore all people with a different spelling like Gehlhaar/Gelhaar/Gelhar/etc. are welcome as well. Have a look in the pedigrees of you will find several family trees with a changing spelling of the surname. You can search for informations about families, find forefathers or just read about family news.

If you meet the requirement with that last name, you can register at this site and leave your personal data for family members, friends etc.

I have registered this domain and I'm proud to provide this web application for exchanging data and where you can provide data for family members. If you know other people with that last name you should drop them a note about the URL - hopefully this thing will grow rapidly... :-)

Sven Geelhaar.

 09 Oct 2017: Breathing technique reduces radiation dose to the heart - Carroll County Times
Carroll County TimesBreathing technique reduces radiation dose to the heartCarroll County TimesHolly Geelhaar, of Eldersburg, received 30 radiation treatments using DIBH. She was diagnosed in August 2016. She had two surgeries and completed 16 chemotherapy treatments. A slow deep breath is the secret to success. There's an art to it, Geelhaar ...and more »
 27 May 2017: Professor Hammer: How to repair porous areas in welds - Hot Rod Network
Hot Rod NetworkProfessor Hammer: How to repair porous areas in weldsHot Rod NetworkThis is the second part of Ken Geelhaar's question: Q. When the TIG welding is finished, I grind a lot of the blob away to smooth the weld for hammer and dolly work. This is very frustrating because I often still see porosity. I have tried hitting ...
 17 Feb 2016: Anne Arundel County home sales - Washington Post
Anne Arundel County home salesWashington PostRoute 97, 1190-William D. Ruppert to Terri M. Geelhaar, Robert T. Geelhaar, Brittany Marie Geelhaar and Scott Michael Geelhaar, $825,000. ELKRIDGE AREA. Bayberry Ct., 6372, No. 10-Community Development Administration of to Gopi Dasariahgari, ...and more »

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We have currently 431 profiles at with 147 different last names.The person who lived most early was born in 1640, the most recently born person arrived this planet in 2007. We have profiles from 17 different countries and the people were born in 126 different cities. The people are currently living in 44 cities. The longest genealogy chain includes 9 generations. The most recently added persons are: Tester, Test , Gehlhar, Gerhard , Gehlhar, Walter , Rybarczik, Charlotte , Gehlhar, Horst , Gehlhar, Heinz Walter , Gehlhar, Elfriede , Adler, Ruth Irmgard, Adler, Helmut Wilhelm. 14 visitors online.

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