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Some months ago our friend Alf Windhorst infected me with the virtual �Genealogy-Virus�. I started searching the internet for everybody and everthing related to my family name Geelhaar.

I found several private sites, business sites, sports news and academic articles. Some of these special Geelhaar-Sites are: (Business website werte+mehr� Sven Geelhaar) (private homepage of Angelika Geelhaar) (private homepage of Sven namesake) (private homepage of Marco Geelhaar and Cathleen Kaiser) (private homepage of Andreas Geelhaar) (Jens Geelhaar - artist and Professor for Interface Design) (Jens Geelhaar - artist and Professor for Interface Design) (Jens Geelhaar - artist and Professor for Interface Design) (Monika Geelhaar - educationist and health coach) (Detlef Geelhaar - specialist in floor covering) (Karin Geelhaar-M�ller - lawyer's office)
Ahan und Thorsten Geelhaar (private homepage of Ahan and Thorsten Geelhaar)
Martin Geelhaar (Martin Geelhaar - member of a modell aircraft club) (Lothar Gehlhaar - specialist for roof reconstruction) (Rolf Gehlhaar - Postgraduate Course Leader in Design & Digital Media at Coventry School of Art & Design, Coventry University) (project site of a teacher at a school for audio visual and printing technology) (tree nursery, gardening and landscaping) (Gunther Gehlhaar - estate consulting) (Lothar Gehlhaars' koi carp website) (Reiner Gehlhaar - garage equipment) (confectionary and marzipan factory) (Ingo Gehlhaar - technical consulting) (Stephan Gehlhaar - musician) (Mario Gehlhaar - roller blinds)

There are not enough professions to build-up an independent community, but we have a lot of different professions: lawyer, managing director, specialist for floor covering, artist, educationist and astrologer, financial consultant, writer, scientist, ice hockey coach, soccer coach, teacher, carpet dealer, banker, physicist, veterinarian, secretary,politician and more.

Obviously, most of the Geelhaars are located in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. But there are also some in the United States, Denmark and Austria. The provider of (means related to...) has evaluated national telephone directories. The main result is a map where persons with the same name are located in Germany. For the Geelhaar map click the map or fill in any other surename and you will receive the map (only in german...sorry):

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Die Herkunft deines Namens?

In the Netherlands I found a comic-hero named �Geelhaar� and in Theodor Fontanes' criminal novel �Under the Pear Tree� officer �Geelhaar� is investigating. Well, I also found this crazy site in the Netherlands of the salt meat named Geelhaar. I really hope that this is only a joke. As I have seen's no joke...have a look on this THING for dogs :-o

These are the main results of my internet research. If you know more, please send me an email, use the guestbook or the forum.