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25/08/2009 The largest family tree has been published (more than 60 profiles). I am very impressed! And we have reached the milestone of 400 profiles.

01/04/2008 I have made some changes in the data fields "Country of birth" and "State" because of different spellings for the same country/state. Please do not wonder if you see small changes, it's only to harmonize the database.

01/03/2008 On the web site (means "related to") telephone records of the german white pages have been analized. The result is a kind of residential map of Geelhaars. You find the map in the menue "Resources".

01/02/2008 The new NEWS menue has been born. Here you will see all important information concerning the development of Best regards, Sven

12/15/07 In the meantime more than 320 profiles have been selected on The first american family tree has been published.

11/18/05 More than 200 profiles have been published

10/03/05 Within the last 4 weeks more than 60 additional profiles have been published

09/10/05 Positive feedback from several Geelhaars...10 more profiles are published

09/08/05 The first profil of a US guy...Al Geelhaar...Welcome! His grand-father moved from the netherlands to the USA around 1900.

09/04/05 Jonas Geelhaar mentions a book with many addresses of Geelhaar families world wide...when I get more information I will publish it.

08/27/05 Internet research work and start of contacting several Geelhaars by email

08/15/05 More than 100 profiles on

02/01/05 The database is goin online...the Geelhaar net is initiated.